La Pupusa Loca

January 11, 2011

November 30, 2010 | After a long hiatus, I’m back!¬† ūüėÄ

My friend Suzanne and I went on our Tuesday girl date to La Pupusa Loca for pupusas.¬† Suzanne brought a coupon for this place and was craving pupusas despite having just returned from El Salvador!¬† The restaurant is off of Hillcroft and definitely qualifies as a hole-in-the-wall place.¬† Let’s just say I was relieved to find a parking spot right up front.

There were people at only 2 other tables when we arrived and thus were immediately seated. ¬†The waitress that seated us didn’t speak English very well but was as sweet and helpful as she could be! ¬†And to make it more legit– she’s from El Salvador. The first thing I noticed when I sat was that each table had a huge jar of cabbage salad mix, which apparently is called ‘curitdo.’

Since we had to spend at least $35 to use our $25 coupon, we ordered A LOT of food!  We got the platano frito (crema y frijoles)Рtranslated: fried plantain (sour cream and beans)Рto begin with.

The platano fritos were a surprisingly good appetizer.  The sweetness of the warm plantains went very well with the sour cream and beans.

We then ordered pupusa de loroco, pupusa chicharron (pork pupusa), yuca con chicharron (cassava with pork skin), and a mariscada (seafood mix soup).  We also ordered 2 bottles of water.

The timing was perfectРjust as we finished the platano fritos, the pupusas were brought out to our table.   My friend taught me to put the curtido on the pupusas along with this red sauce that came with the dish.  Delicious!!

Now the most memorable dish for me would have to be the mariscada. ¬†OMG. ¬†They didn’t skimp on the seafood (huge shrimp, mussels, crab legs, and even an egg) but what really made it was the soup itself!! SOOOO good.

The yuca con chicharron was good but not nearly as memorable as the other dishes. ¬†Also, I don’t normally eat a lot of fried foods and that one was all fried.

Despite having ordered so much food, it STILL didn’t total up to $35 so we ended up ordering another pupusa to-go (yay, lunch for tomorrow!) to hit just over $35.

This was my first time trying El Salvadoran food so it’s hard for me to really compare it to anything but I enjoyed it! ¬†I have a ton of leftovers too! ¬†Food was great and inexpensive. ¬†Service was good. ¬†We’ll be back.

La Pupusa Loca
7207 Hillcroft
Houston, TX 77081
Phone: (713) 271-7608