August 15, 2009

June 27, 2009 | Monica and I went to SpoonFull for a cool snack while we were both in Plano.  It’s located in the plaza at the northeast corner of Coit and Park, I believe.  It’s one of those self-serve places, where you pay according to weight.  There were 10 different flavors; a couple of them were weird (like cookies and cream).

Anyway, I like my froyo pretty simple.   Usually the only thing I add on top is almonds.    I do, however, like trying a few different flavors.  This place reminds me of pretty much all the other yogurt places, haha.

Regardless, my favorite frozen yogurt places still happen to be the ones where they make it for you and generally, have less flavor options.  But I love frozen yogurt and don’t usually pass up on the opportunity to go!