March 6, 2011

January 7, 2011 |  I went to Canopy to eat dinner with a friend after buying a coupon.  The restaurant was nicely decorated, not terribly packed.  The menu had some interesting items and we ended up getting two appetizers and two entrees!  Honestly, I was more excited about the appetizers and I ended up taking home my entree.

We ordered the lobster enchilada ($14; sweet onions, roasted poblano peppers, chipotle cream sauce, chives, Monterrey Jack and Manchego cheese) and the crab cake ($14; fried green tomatoes, scallion remoulade and jalapeño chimichurri) as appetizers.

They were both very good but I wouldn’t go so far to say it’s a must-try. I got full off the appetizers and barely touched my entree. In fact, I can’t even really remember what it was, haha. I do, of course, have a picture:

I can’t comment much on my main entree, unfortunately.  I had it as leftovers the next day and leftovers generally aren’t as great as the dish freshly served…so yeah.

Overall, food was good, but even with that coupon, it was not a cheap meal and I’m not sure the taste justified the price.   Perhaps if I had just stuck to the appetizers and skipped on the entree?   My friend also had an entree but I didn’t take a picture.  Would I go back?   Maybe, but there’s soo many other restaurants I haven’t tried yet– I’d rather go try a new place.

3939 Montrose
Houston, TX 77006
(713) 528-6848


2 Responses to “Canopy”

  1. Val & Mani Says:

    We’ve been meaning to try Canopy as well, but it seems that your pictures look tastier than the meal actually was! We’ve also heard that Canopy’s a haven for retirees–is this true? I’ve always found that curious.

    • Jessica Says:

      Hm, when we went to Canopy’s the crowd seemed nothing out of the ordinary– there were some ‘young professionals’, which is what I would expect in the Montrose area.

      I’ve only been that one time and I’d hate to make a final decision on the place from just one experience; so if you ask me, I’d say that you should get yourself a coupon and go try it! I was so full from the appetizers that I couldn’t enjoy the entree at all.

      I think I may have also ordered a drink, which only made the meal more expensive than it could have been.

      Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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