March 4, 2011

December 30, 2010 | I’ve been meaning to visit Catalan for the longest time and finally made it there for dinner!  We decided to do it family style and share a bunch of small plates.

Here’s what we ordered:
* Barcelona street food: octopus, chorizo and local potato over housemade sriracha aioli $14
* Abrorio-dusted calamari with a jalapeno lime dressing $9
* Roasted bone marrow with picked red onion and Maldon salt $14
* Pork sliders?
* Roasted lamb stuffed piquillo peppers $10
* Roasted Berkshire pork belly with Steen’s pure cane syrup $10

The pictures aren’t of the best quality because it was very dim in the restaurant– sorry!

Everything was SO GOOD.   The most memorable dishes for me were the roasted bone marrow *drool* and the pork belly.  That cane syrup was deliciously sweet!  Definitely recommend it.  We added some of the salt from the bone marrow dish to the pork sliders and it made it taste even better.

Not the cheapest meal but totally worth the hype.  I would gladly go back and try more dishes!


2 Responses to “Catalan”

  1. linda Says:

    i’ve only had their uh cotton candy (haha) and their pork belly lollipops. Yumm

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