Sel de la Terre

October 6, 2009

July 31, 2009 | Jen and I picked a somewhat random restaurant for lunch, Sel de la Terre.  Turned out to be a pretty cool place.  We ordered the Express Lunch ($14) plus the Dessert ($5).  Our first was a plate with chorizo croquettes, shishito pepers, sheep milk yogurt, and truffle pecorino.

The main was a duck confit risotto, Apple Street Farms summer squash, apricots, and duck jus.  I rather liked this one although I think risotto is kinda boring and if I were to come back, I’d probably try something more exciting.

We also ordered a truffled risotto with Piave vecchio, asparagus, spring herbs and preserved lemon with English pea broth ($15).  Jennifer liked this one more but I thought it was a little mushy.

For dessert, we had spice cake, peach chutney icecream, and pomegranate reduction.  Mm, this one was good!

The food overall was good, but it wasn’t awesome, especially for the price.  The place looked really nice though, nice atmosphere.  Anyway, I was still sick at this point in time, so it’s also possible that my taste buds were off or something.


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