Giacomo’s Ristorante

October 6, 2009

July 31, 2009 | For dinner, I made Jen wait with me to eat at Giacomo’s Ristorante (yelp), which didn’t take reservations!  I’d heard a ton of good things about it so I was willing to wait.  We had a comedy show to go to later that night so we went early just in case.  I started with a glass of red wine (house, I think?) while we deliberated over the menu written out by hand on the wall.

See?  Long line outside.  We were out there for an hour?  I can’t remember now, but it felt like a long time.  Especially since it drizzling.  Jen and I shared an umbrella, balancing it on our heads when we got tired of holding it up.  The place wasn’t big and there was a big party (of Asians, of course) in front of us.

We ordered the fried calamari (small, $7) for appetizer, having read a lot of good reviews.

It was just as everyone claimed– perfectly fried and very yummy!  I couldn’t resist ordering the lobster ravioli ($16) served with diced tomatoes in a garlic cream sauce, while Jennifer ordered the ziti with chicken and shrimp ($15), which came in a pesto cream sauce.

These two dishes may not look like much, but omg it was SOO filling.  It was tough– I was really full but it was just too good to waste!!  I definitely preferred my lobster ravioli over Jen’s chicken and shrimp ziti, but come on, it’s lobster!

I can see why this place is so popular.  Good Italian food and good service for a fairly reasonable price!  For those of you interested in visiting, it’s CASH ONLY, no reservations, and no desserts!  There were a lot of people waiting outside, so we didn’t linger too long once we were done with our food.


One Response to “Giacomo’s Ristorante”

  1. linda Says:

    i’ve heard good things 🙂 it’s bookmarked.

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