Rainbow Lodge

September 27, 2009

July 10, 2009 | Shannon and I decided to go to Rainbow Lodge for lunch, having heard tons of good things about the place since Randy Rucker became head chef.   I’d saw the summer menu online and already knew exactly what I was going to get!  The lobster roll.  Shannon, on the other hand, ordered a taste of the wild appetizer with three different game meats and a cheesy vegetable dish that the waiter highly recommended..

I enjoyed my roll although it doesn’t compare to the one I had in New York!  I’d say it was good but not awesome.  I had hush puppies on the side, and while I’m not a huge fan of hush puppies, they weren’t bad and Shannon thought they were pretty good.

As for Shannon’s dishes, I can say that the cheesy vegetable dish was a huge disappointment, especially considering our high expectations after the waiter raved about it.  The ingredients just didn’t go well together.   I can’t figure out if the waitress actually tasted this dish or maybe her tastes are just different?  Her other dish was better, although I believe she felt that one of the meats was a little dry?  Nothing spectacular overall.

In any case, I suppose this explains the mixed reviews that I’ve heard about Rainbow Lodge– some say it’s wonderful while others can’t figure out what the big deal is.

Luckily this experience didn’t stop me from going back for the uni dinner!


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