Goode Company Seafood

July 26, 2009

May 27, 2009 | My second visit to Goode Company Seafood did not disappoint.  We finally ordered the campechana de mariscos (crab and shrimp).  It’s like a ceviche.  Actually, I’ve been wondering what the difference is between a campechana and a ceviche?  Anyone?

I love ceviches!  I can’t wait until we’re in Panama for Thanksgiving!  I hear they have some good ceviche.  Anyway, we also ordered a crawfish empanada (not sure if that’s the actual name).

I’ve had their empanadas before so this one was fairly similar (except with crawfish instead of shrimp).  Yum!  Now, as for my main entree, I got a soft-shell crab po’ boy. They’re in season and I read some good review on yelp, of course.

The po’ boy came with two sauces- I think it was a cocktail sauce and the other was their own tartar sauce.  The tartar one was pretty good with the po’ boy.  It was pretty damn good.  The batter for the fried soft-shell crab was just right and the crab was fresh!  It was a bit messy, but who cares?


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